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All consultations are booked for 1 hour and the cost is $250. If you have not already spoken to us or are not familiar with the type of cases we handle, please review our Practice Areas before scheduling your consultation. If you have any questions prior to the scheduling, please call our office at 702-243-9444 or submit an inquiry from the contact form below. 

  • The consultation is booked for an entire hour. A lot is accomplished in that hour. We take our time to listen, so that you never feel rushed. We engage in detailed, in-depth discussions and analyses.
  • The consultation is always with the attorney; never with a legal assistant.
  • We value our clients’ time; everyone is seen promptly at their appointment time.
  • Our consultation is offered as a service separate from any representation we may or may not offer. We answer your questions and give you legal advice, and the consultation fee is our compensation for that service. (We do not believe in either free consultation or credit for consultation fee because they are not acts of kindness but marketing tactics designed to attract clients in order to sell more services.)
  • We understand that not everyone needs to hire a lawyer. Some people just need to consult a lawyer with their list of questions and no expectation of starting a case. That works for us too.
  • Lastly, a consultation is not always required. You are welcome to call our office at 702-243-9444 to inquire about our ability and availability to take on a matter. Just keep in mind please that (1) we cannot always attend to unscheduled phone calls; (2) we will not be able to give any legal advice; (3) we will try to quote a fee during the brief free case evaluation by phone, but this often times requires a consultation.
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