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Immigration Lawyer Arsen V. Baziyants

Arsen V. Baziyants, Immigration Lawyer
Arsen V. Baziyants

My background and why I became an immigration lawyer

My journey to the United States from Armenia in 1996 was not merely a physical relocation; it was a transformative odyssey that shaped the trajectory of my life in profound ways. At the age of 17, I embarked on a solo quest through the intricacies of the immigration process, encountering myriad challenges along the way. Touching down on American soil, I found myself thrust into a world replete with unfamiliar laws, procedures, and cultural norms. Lacking proper guidance and armed only with flawed advice, I grappled to navigate the labyrinth of paperwork and legal requirements essential to establish my foothold in this new land.

My personal pursuit of U.S. permanent residency epitomized the trials and tribulations that countless immigrants face. Through years of personal naivety and misinformation, I weathered storms of uncertainty and doubt. However, it was this very journey that laid the groundwork for my future career as an immigration attorney.

Having walked in the shoes of those who aspire to build a new life in America, I bring a distinct perspective to my practice. Drawing from firsthand experience, I intimately comprehend the intricate challenges immigrants encounter on their path to legal status. This empathy forms the cornerstone of my approach to serving clients.

As an immigrant-turned-immigration attorney, I possess a profound ability to connect with my clients. Regardless of their country of origin, I speak the language of their aspirations and fears. There’s no need for lengthy explanations about the significance of success in their situation; it’s a shared understanding.

When clients entrust me with their immigration matters, they can rest assured that they have a dedicated advocate who not only comprehends their struggles but is also committed to guiding them through the complexities of the legal system. In me, they find not just an attorney, but a reliable guide on their journey toward a brighter future in the United States. My story is a testament to resilience, determination, and the transformative power of the American dream.

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Immigration Lawyer Practicing Since 2008

Nevada State Bar Member (11052)

Juris Doctor, City University of New York School of Law (2008)

B.A. in Philosophy, University of Nevada Las Vegas (2004)

Member of American Immigration Lawyers Association

Fluent in Russian and Armenian

In his immigration law practice, Arsen V. Baziyants specializes in providing personalized legal solutions to meet the individual needs of each client. Whether assisting with family-based immigration, employment visas, or asylum applications, he offers comprehensive guidance through every stage of the process. With a thorough understanding of the constantly changing immigration landscape, Arsen V. Baziyants remains updated on policy and procedural developments to ensure clients receive the most effective representation. His dedication to excellence, coupled with a compassionate approach, has established him as a trusted immigration lawyer in Las Vegas.