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Immigration Lawyer

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We offer a complimentary case evaluation to assess your situation by phone or email.

A case evaluation is a free service but it is not a consultation and does not include legal advice. However, it is an important first step in what we hope would turn into a successful attorney-client relationship. The evaluation allows us to determine if and how we can help you. In most cases we are able to provide a quote for our legal services as part of the free case evaluation.

An appointment is not always required. You are welcome to call our office at 702-243-9444 to inquire about our ability and availability to take on a matter. Better yet, submit your request for a free case evaluation and we will respond as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.

Realistic Expectations

It’s important to clarify that while we cannot guarantee success, we pledge our best effort on behalf of our clients. Lawyers are bound by rules of ethics that prohibit guaranteeing specific results, and it’s unethical to promise success. For instance, in Nevada, the Rules of Professional Conduct, adopted by the Supreme Court, strictly forbid such guarantees.

Moreover, within the realm of immigration law, numerous factors influence case outcomes, many of which are beyond our control. Government agencies processing immigration benefits often grapple with overwhelming workloads, leading to delays and decisions that may not fully grasp the nuances of a case. Despite our best efforts to present facts favorably, the anonymity of adjudicators and their inherent biases can impact decisions.

Complexity of Immigration Cases

The reality of immigration cases is often complex and unpredictable. Meritorious cases can face denials, and the adjudication process, often carried out anonymously by officials who may be thousands of miles away, adds another layer of uncertainty.

Setting Realistic Expectations

Our duty to clients includes providing ongoing support and counsel. However, it’s crucial for clients to have realistic expectations. Immigrating to the United States can be a lengthy and challenging journey, with an outcome that’s difficult to predict. Any portrayal of this reality as straightforward or guaranteed is either misleading or indicative of a lack of experience in immigration law.

We’re committed to guiding our clients through this process with transparency and integrity, offering the best possible representation while navigating the complexities inherent in immigration law.

Accelerating the Process

While we can’t guarantee a faster process, engaging an immigration lawyer significantly reduces the likelihood of errors, potentially expediting proceedings. Without legal guidance, mistakes could occur, resulting in considerable time loss or even necessitating restarting the process.

Unprecedented Delays

In my two decades of practicing immigration law, I’ve encountered delays unlike any before. Some cases progress through stages, each spanning months or even years—a norm depending on the case type.

Yes. Any immigration matter we handle in Nevada we can also handle in any other U.S. state. Read our Practice Areas.

Immigration Lawyer

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