1. FEE: The consultation fee is $200 for 1 hour that you will reserve to speak to Attorney Arsen V. Baziyants.

2. CANCELLATIONS: Cancel or reschedule at least 1 hour prior to your appointment time to receive a full refund of the consultation fee. Cancel by following the Manage Appointment link you will receive by email, by sending an email to arsen@lvimmigrationattorney.com, or by calling us at 702-243-9444 (please leave a voicemail if no answer).

3. WE ARE NOT IN ATTORNEY-CLIENT RELATIONSHIP: At this point you are seeking a consultation. You have not retained our services and we have not accepted your case. 

4. SCOPE OF CONSULTATION: You may ask general questions about immigration options that may be available to you. We will not answer questions that are designed to help you engage in self-help, such as which immigration forms to complete, how to answer questions on immigration forms, etc.  

5. NO OBLIGATION: You are under no obligation to retain us. Similarly, we reserve the right not to take your case.  

6. QUESTIONS AFTER YOUR CONSULTATION: Legal questions after your consultation must be addressed at a new consultation. The new consultation will have to be scheduled and the consultation fee will apply. We cannot answer legal questions – in person, over the telephone or e-mail – unless (a) the inquiry is in the course of a scheduled consultation or (b) from a current client with an open case with our law firm.  

7. NO CREDIT FOR CONSULTATION FEE: We do not discount the consultation fee from fees we may quote to you for any future service.

8. PRACTICE AREAS: Our practice areas are listed on our website, www.lvimmigrationattorney.com. In the interest of saving your money and everyone’s time, kindly consult this list or ask us if you are not sure whether your question pertains to any of our practice areas. Specifically note that WE DO NOT HANDLE matters involving removal (deportation) proceedings, asylum cases, adoption and business/investment immigration.